1st Quarter Promotional Sales Flyer


With the New Year comes our new 1st quarter promotion sales flyer. These flyers are jam packed with great products and our latest specialty pricing – everything from power tools and equipment to first aid kits and safety supplies. These prices won’t last forever though, so be sure to get your hands on one of these flyers before time runs out. Customers looking to request our promotional flyers can do so by either calling the office (978-851-3226), filling out our form online here, our stopping by the store today.

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Parker Hydraulic Hose Replacement

Having any kind of equipment breakdown on the job can be a challenge, but when it’s fitted hydraulic hose, it can be incredibly problematic. Hose lines designed to carry gas and liquids throughout your equipment under very specific conditions aren’t exactly the kind of thing you can go to Home Depot and pick up, nor would you want to. You need to know that you can trust the hose and fittings you put in your equipment, and that it’s sourced from the best manufactures available.

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