How to Inspect Fall Protection Gear: Safety Harness

Fall Protection Gear Saves Lives

With the heavy snows New England has been facing this winter, many contractors are finding themselves on top of homes and business, cleaning the snow and ice from roofs and overhangs. While very profitable, this can be extremely dangerous work: snow and ice makes for a very slippery work surface, not to mention hidden drops and other obstacles you encounter on a roof that could cause a fall.

Slips and falls can be dangerous in any work facility, and adding a building’s height only amplifies that danger. The best case scenario in an unprotected fall from a single story building could be a broken arm or leg, and that’s being generous. That type of injury could put a worker out of work from 3 – 6 weeks with some hefty medical bills. Now add an additional story to the home or a particularly high office building, and the dangers of a fall become very serious, even fatal.

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1st Quarter Promotional Sales Flyer


With the New Year comes our new 1st quarter promotion sales flyer. These flyers are jam packed with great products and our latest specialty pricing – everything from power tools and equipment to first aid kits and safety supplies. These prices won’t last forever though, so be sure to get your hands on one of these flyers before time runs out. Customers looking to request our promotional flyers can do so by either calling the office (978-851-3226), filling out our form online here, our stopping by the store today.

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Are Drones The Future Of Your Business?

You don’t need me to tell you that the explosive growth of technology is rapidly changing every aspect of the industrial, construction and services businesses. Products like smart phones, tablets, and web-based technology are now an integral part of all aspects of your business – everything from communicating with your team and suppliers to making your operations run more smoothly. The challenge of the modern business has become not whether or not to invest in new technology that enhances your workflow, but rather which technologies to choose. Here at A&A Industrial, we’ve recently adapted to our customer’s needs with our new online store.

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Featured Product: Champion Cutting Tool

Here at A&A Industrial, we are proud to carry Champion Cutting Tool Corp products – an American legend over 100 years in the making. Champion’s legacy dates back to WWII where they were a supplier of twist drills and countersinks to the U.S. Army. Today they continue this tradition serving the steel fabrication, manufacturing, construction, plumbing, HVAC, welding and electrical markets, just to name a few.

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Parker Hydraulic Hose Replacement

Having any kind of equipment breakdown on the job can be a challenge, but when it’s fitted hydraulic hose, it can be incredibly problematic. Hose lines designed to carry gas and liquids throughout your equipment under very specific conditions aren’t exactly the kind of thing you can go to Home Depot and pick up, nor would you want to. You need to know that you can trust the hose and fittings you put in your equipment, and that it’s sourced from the best manufactures available.

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Emergency Snow Plow Repair Kit

A&A Industrial Supply / Albeco Fasteners carries Emergency Snow Plow Repair Kits to keep you going no matter what the weather is.

Believe it or not, we have snow in the forecast this weekend New England. Sure it’s only going to be a few flurries if anything at all, but it still goes to show that winter weather is right around the corner. Think back to the snow we had this past winter: that week in Worcester when over 25” fell over seven days, that burst right after New Years that put 15” in Boston… We’re no stranger heavy snowfall in New England.

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