AC4DSL-NL Solar / D-Cell LED Barricade Light

Maximize Work Zone Safety, Save Time and Money


The AC4DSL-NL Solar / D-Cell LED Barricade Light is a new line of Barricade Lights designed to provide an extended in-field life cycle, alleviating some of the issues that having to manage a massive supply of batteries and extra work lights inevitably brings.

Anyone who has had to set up a job site on a roadway knows the importance of safety for road side workers. Ensuring that work areas are clearly marked, both during the day and night, requires dependable equipment that won’t cut out on you. Nothing is worse than setting up a set of barricade lights only to find out that the batteries are dead or that the equipment is damaged in some way. You are either running out to buy more batteries or going out to get replacement lights, both of which can be costly and time consuming.


This is where these new solar barricade lights really shine: with a combination of D-Cell batteries and a high efficiency solar cell located on top of the unit, you can count on these lights to have uninterrupted service throughout the lifespan of your project, and then some. The solar technology works to keep the batteries within the light charged, lasting 7 – 9 days on a full charge depending on what light mode you are using. To further conserve battery life, the light features photocell technology which can toggle the light at dawn and dusk.


Our first question that came out when thinking solar was “What happens when it snows for days on end?” We were pleased to discover that the solar cell is protected by a high quality casing that not only protects it from dust and dirt kicked up from the road, but also from any potential built up snow or ice damaging the cell. All of this coupled with the ability to run solely on solar, on D-Cell Batteries or a combination of the both, you should never find yourself having to replace these lights while in service.






These new lights also hit it out of the park when it comes to quality of materials and testing. They exceed ITE standards and MUTCD visibility specifications. The unit as a whole is very lightweight and comes with all of the mounting equipment you will need. The light may be self-certified for compliance with NCHRP-350 crash test standards.


Key Features Include:

  • 23 Hour Total Charge Time
  • 9 Hour Charge (Flash), 7 Hour Charge (Steady)
  • Exceeds ITE Standards and MUTCD Visibility Specifications
  • Three Operation Modes: Flash, Steady-Burn and Off
  • D-Cell Battery Back Up
  • Can run off of Solar Cells, Batteries or Both
  • Photocell Technology which toggles lights at dawn and dusk
  • High Quality Materials, designed to last in any conditions.


To learn more about these barricade lights, visit the Dickie website.To order from our new line of barricade lights, stop by or give the office a call: 978-851-3226. If you are a state contract customer, we can also add these to your PunchOut Catalog.